neurtu.memit(obj, repeat=1, aggregate=('mean', 'max', 'std'), interval=0.01, to_dataframe=None, progress_bar=5.0)[source]

Measure the memory use.

This is an alias for Benchmark with peak_memory=True).

  • repeat (int, default=1) – number of repeated measurements
  • aggregate ({collection, False}, default=('mean', 'max', 'std')) – when repeat > 1, different runs are indexed by the runid key. If pandas is installed and aggregate is a collection, aggregate repeated runs with the provided methods.
  • to_dataframe (bool, default=None) – whether to convert parametric results to a daframe. By default convert to dataframe is pandas is installed.
  • progress_bar ({bool, float}, default=5.0) – if a number, and tqdm is installed, display the progress bar when the estimated benchmark time is larger than the given number of seconds. If False, the progress bar will not be displayed.

res – computed memory usage

Return type:

dict, list or pandas.DataFrame