Release notes

Version 0.3

July 21, 2019

API changes

  • Functions to set the number of BLAS threads at runtime were removed in favour of using threadpoolctl.


  • Add get_args and get_kwargs to Delayed object.
  • Better progress bars in Jupyter notebooks with the backend.

Bug fixes

  • Fix progress bar rendering when repeat>1.
  • Fix warnings due to

Version 0.2

August 28, 2018

New features

  • Runtime detection of the BLAS used by numpy #14
  • Ability to set the number of threads in OpenBlas and MKL BLAS at runtime on Linux. #15.


  • Better test coverage
  • Documentation improvements
  • In depth refactoring of the benchmarking code

API changes

  • The API of timeit, memit, Benchmark changed significantly with respect to v0.1

Version 0.1

March 4, 2018

First release, with support for,

  • wall time, cpu time and peak memory measurements
  • parametric benchmarks using delayed objects